Looking for some simple yet entertaining flash game to kill your time at school or at work? Well you can give a try to Tank Trouble 3, game is free to play and pretty simple, you can even involve your friends in this game and play it in two player mode as well as three player mode, if game allows your to do so why not right? Plus playing games with your friends is always a lot more interesting and entertaining.

Tank Trouble 3You might have already noticed that this game reminds us of good old Tanks on old gaming console which we used to play in our childhood (of course if you belong to 90s). Yes there are some similarities, but I might say that Tank Trouble is still little bit more different.

If you prefer to play games alone you can enjoy single player mode, in this case your opponent is going to be pretty smart and experienced AI named Laika after the first dog in space. Be careful with Laika, he can control his tank very well and fire at the same time. If game lasts little bit longer there are some power-ups which appear across the map in random locations, grabbing these power-ups can give you advantage in battle, you can shoot lasers, you can shoot rockets and other high-tech weapons.

battle of tanks in the mazeOh and if you want to play with your friends remember that player two and player three have different controls, you can check all buttons in the game menu, if I remember correctly player three is controlling his tank with a help of mouse, but it is little bit hard to do, usually player one and two have advantage in this case.

There are many different versions of this game, like for example Deathmatch, I really enjoy it once in a while, but I thinks that Tank Trouble 3 is a lot more balanced and easy to play, everything is simple and entertaining, especially when you play it with your friends.

I think I covered all important details of this wonderful tank battling game, if you have some questions you can leave your comments below and I will answer them there, cheers.